Kustom K Fab

This template can be edited to meet your needs by your type of business or your color preferences.

Your additional pages can be changed to reflect the type of page by what information you choose to put on each page. 

All of your pages can be the same or different.  I can use this design for your home page and use a slightly modified design for the remaining pages.

What ever you want your pages to look like, I can design it for you!

Plus, I can edit the header, menu and footer to reflect your business design or logo.  Colors and images can be changed as well.
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Gene Wagner

All of my designs can be edited.  All text and all images can be replaced for your business type and if you have a logo, I can use it for your website.

This template can be edited.  All photos can be changed and all images can be replaced with your own.  This section can contain any type of information that you want for your first page, or home page.  Each additional pages can have a similar look to this one with the same colors and basic layout, without the first page information.

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Kustom K Fab
111 Any St
Any Town, Or
(555) 555-5555

Hours M-F 9-5
E-mail Me  debby@webdesignsbydebby.com

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